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Currently working as a part-time language teacher (English, French and Spanish) at Teikyo University in Tokyo. Certified TEFL, teacher with over ten years’ experience, specialized in teaching Business English and English for young learners. I have been teaching individuals and classroom groups of different ages and levels in seven different countries.

I deliver face-to-face and online language courses in Tokyo. My classes are highly adaptable depending on the students' needs and interests. I teach both individuals and students in small groups.

Graduated in international marketing and communication, I deliver specialized courses in English, French and Spanish.

In addition to providing language learning courses, I also offer conversation class and full day language immersion opportunities. As a travel guide, I can take you around the Tokyo region visiting interesting places in the language you wish to practice. This is a fantastic experience for kids and adults alike!

Having lived in seven different countries, I also offer help to individuals and families wishing to get information about living abroad, especially in Geneva, Paris, Madrid, London, Singapore or Tokyo.

If interested, please contact me through

*Prices shown are for up to two students. +1000 yen per hour per extra student, up to a total of four learners.

*All expenses, including transport, drinks, food, entries,... are paid by students.

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