Communicating internationally with a sprinkle of business and a drop of art


Born in Geneva to a French mother and a Uruguayan father and having attended the International School since her early childhood, Matilde is perfectly trilingual (English, French, Spanish). Passionate about Japanese culture since her teens, Matilde has been part of the Japan Culture Club in Geneva, helping Japanese families integrate to their new home. After graduating with an International Baccalaureate and displaying strong artistic skills and love for animation and manga, she studied applied arts in Madrid and Paris. Her passion for communication, not only through visuals but also through words, pushed her to pursue a Communication BA in Spain, taking the opportunity of going on exchange semesters to Singapore and Japan, where she received the Meiji University Best Photography award. She went on to obtain her MSc in International Marketing from King’s College London as well the King's Leadership & Professional Skills Gold Award. After gaining experience as a freelance consultant in branding and communication in Geneva and Hong Kong, she finally returned to her beloved Japan.  Matilde now works part-time as a language teacher at Teikyo University while freelancing in the travel sector.