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International Communication, Branding and Event Organisation Consultant


Born in Geneva to a French mother and a Uruguayan father, an alumnus of the International School, and currently living in Tokyo, Matilde is perfectly trilingual (English, French, Spanish) and speaks fluent Japanese.  With a strong background in design, communication and marketing from prestigious universities in the UK, Spain, Japan and Singapore, Matilde has built up professional experience in several European and Asian countries in the fields of branding, international communication, tourism marketing and event organisation.  She currently works for Teikyo University in Tokyo as a branding consultant, event organiser and teacher.  Matilde is a creative, team-oriented, loyal and reliable person with great adaptability and intercultural sensitivity.  Her attention to detail, ability to take initiative, set priorities and apply high quality standards make her a professional capable of finding solutions in a rapidly changing environment.   Highly organised and effective in project management, her leadership skills have been recognised by King's College London (leadership award).   She is ready to take on new responsibilities with enthusiasm.

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